New River fishing trip

So last weekend was the Southeast Fly Fishing Forum's annual small mouth bass fishing trip known as the Smallie Show. It was a great trip, a great group of guys, friends now, a great location, but bad weather.

I got into camp on Thursday nite. It had rained a bit during the day and the river was a little muddy and the ground was wet. The guys had just finished eating and were sitting around tying flies and telling lies. Seems there had bee a good day of fishing. Got to bed early-ish and was up at 7, in time to watch Streamer give a flash dancer fly tying demonstration. It involves spinning deer hair, belly hair, not buck tail. I waited around for Josh to show up and when he did Josh, his friend Tim and I took off to fish. Caught a bunch of small fish, nothing over 12 inches or so. Everyone had a day like that, many fish but no real size to any of em. There were some odd large ones caught, but mostly it was a small fish weekend. A little more rain then a great BBQ dinner. Saturday I tried out the pontoon boat. put it in and started spinning in circles. I am very inexperienced in controlling a boat like that. But it was anchor, wade, fish. more of the same sized fish, then the storm came in. thunder, lightening, hail. I got the boat off the water as fast as I could, then walked the 1.5 miles back to the truck, picked up the boat then went back to camp. sat the rain out, fished some more then dodged the second storm! Josh slid off the road and almost down a 30 foot bank in the rain. was pulled out by some workers using an extension cord!
I hooked myself in the ear with a fly, had a jet, F-18 maybe, fly over at about 250 feet, scared the crap out me, slipped and fell a bunch, learned how moonshine is made, ate some great stew, learned how to spin deer hair, got wet, and overall had an awesome time. The forum is already planing its next trip, a fall trout trip on the SOHO. Can't wait!
Check out the spunk on this litlle guy, that gurgler is 1.5 inches long! His mouth only opened up 1 inch!

The muddy river on Sunday morning.

Blake watches as Josh Spins some deer hair. BELLY hair that is! got it Blake? BELLY HAIR!

JT, the legend. This man can really fish. And he is off line right now.

Yes, that is hail hitting me and the truck as I run out of the storm.

Ryan and Devin digging into the beef stew and drying up by the fire.

That is my little tent getting pounded by the rain storm. Notice how close the river is. Awesome.

Josh working on some late night tying by lamps and headlights.

Tim doing some tying too.

Tim's vice.

Bugs on the lamp, caddis flies and may flies. lotsa bugs!

The view upstream from the camp. There were deer in that field every night.

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    Pete – I have been enjoying your blog for several months now. Keep on doing what you do!


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