New ways of promotion or web promotion 2.0

So Rob Haggart, former photo editor at Outside Magazine and Men’s Journal, and one who has mostly ignored my work, has one of the best blogs in the photoshpere. Or is it best photo blog in the blogsphere. Either way his blog ‘A Photo Editor‘ has become a must read for just about every photographer in the world and I would bet almost every photo editor. His insight and ideas are very spot on. If you have not heard of this blog, I suggest you crawl out from under the rock and go check it out.

One of his newest ideas is a flicker slide show that will serve as a virtual promo or source book. He is putting it all together from submissions from photographers and will be doing the editing and posting it. APE is a fan, or at least a user of flicker and sees many uses for the professional photographer and editor. I’m not so sure yet. I did decide to submit two images for consideration. I did this for two reasons 1 – why not? it is free promotion if I make the cut. Given APE’s talent as a photo editor, I expect the bar to be set very high. I hope I make it. Given his level of professionalism I hope he can bring some other photo editors to check out the work.
2 – after looking over some of the profiles of the photographers who submitted, I saw a LOT of awful work. I mean really bad. and no real food photographers.

Some of the work was really just, well, not even worth commenting on. I guess that is the price you pay when doing something in this arena. One of the things I have always loved/hated about photography is the way it touched every level of everything. it is accessible to anyone with a camera. It creates an understanding of the craft but also can give false confidence to some who want to be professionals. I don’t envy APE on his upcoming task of editing the promo.

Here are the two images I submitted. Do you think I will make the cut?



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