Newsprint promo is out the door!

It seems like it has been a while since we had a proper post. It has been a pretty busy summer here at the PTP base camp. Quite a few big gigs, 2.5 weeks in NYC and getting this promo done and sent are just a few of the exciting things we have been working on.

I had been trying to figure out a couple of things since the beginning of 2012. One, how best to promote the stories from Italy and, two, what kind of big promo to do this year. Then it hit me, just combine them! The idea of doing a small newspaper/newsprint promo kinda came naturally. When I was at RIT, I sent out a newsletter, photo copied, with half tone pictures, called the Taylor Times (super creative, no?). It was 2-3 pages about my internships or photo stories I was working on. I sent it to newspaper photo editors hoping for a break. It also seems that newsprint promos are one of the hot ideas now. There have been a few featured on blogs and in industry magazines. So the idea was born. I knew I wanted this to stand out from my normal promotions and have a more professionally designed look. That is when I reached out to Justin Moore of Sublmnl Design. Justin and I worked together on the Forty Rod project, him handling the website design, me, photos. We talked it out and Justin got what I was thinking, I sent him some photos and he through it all together into one snazzy promo! It was printed just in time for me to have some in NY for the Fotoworks portfolio reviews. I handed them out as leave behinds and everyone loved it! It really was a big hit.

We sent out 2000 of them this week to creatives all over the country. You’d be surprised how everyone looks at you like your super weird when you ask for 2000 stamps at the post office!

If you’d like one sent to you, please just let me know and I’ll post it right away!

Here it is and some BTS photos.

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