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So, I mentioned a few posts ago that I had done a job for Newsweek. Well it is running in this weeks issue and online. It is a small FOB (front of book) assignment for the section called 'My Turn'. Here it is online.

I was assigned this job from a new photo agency called Rapport Press which is my friend and poker buddy Warren Winter's newest endeavor.
This job went well, it was fairly easy with a strict set of guidelines as far as posing and having eye contact. The author, Tammy Dominski, was a joy to work with and very pleasant. Her husband had just gotten out of the Army after a few tours in Iraq and the article she wrote is about the quilt she made to help her husband be reminded of the childhood milestones he missed while serving in Iraq. It is a heartfelt and touching story and reminds us all of part of the real people cost of this war. 
Here is the photo that they ran online, I have not seen the print version yet.

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  1. Tammie says:

    Awesome Peter!!! I read the story and it was very touching. The picture goes very well and makes you truly think about what this woman went through. I am battling a big heaping of loneliness right now and the article put it into perspective. Thanks for sharing.

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