Off to the woods!

I am heading out this morning to go fishing, go hiking and just be out in the woods for a few days, look for a trip report Monday or Tuesday. I am anticipating a long term project to get started soon and will not be able to take off for most of the summer, so I am trying to get some outdoor time in before then. We ( this is a trip with the Southeastern Fly Fishing Club, 35 people going ) will be heading out to Shady Valley, TN. From there we will fish the South Holston, the Beaverdam and 2-3 other rivers and creeks. The SOHO will be my first time fishing a tail water, the back end of an impound lake where the water is let go from the bottom of the dam and therefore is always very cool, good temp for trout. Big, big brown trout. This weekend is also Trail Days in Damscus VA. I had a blast at trail days last year while hiking and many of my hiking buddies will be there again this year. I am planning on stopping in for a visit. A funny thing about this fishing trip being in Shady Valley is that that is where we found Bella while hiking the AT last year. On the 20th she will have been with me for a year. It is unfortunate that she can’t come along on this trip, but no pets are allowed at the campsites. so sad.

On another note, my parents left this morning for their trip to China. They were scheduled to go to Chengdu, but after the earthquake they were told there was no way to even get there. The bulk of their trip was to be in the Sichuan province. They are pretty disappointed to not be going, but of course are grateful that they hadn’t started their trip earlier. 3 people in their group dropped out and the rest were to adjust their itinerary on the 19 hour flight. Our thoughts are with the victims of the quake.

So not wanting to have a post without a photo, here are 2 shots of Bella from out first day together. we had hiked about 13 miles and it was a hot day.



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