Rabbit Hunting in Anson Co., NC a new video!

The rabbit hole keeps getting deeper! I am just loving shooting video and telling stories with sound and moving images.The latest video is a little story about rabbit hunting.

It’s rabbit season! No, it’s duck season! No! It’s rabbit season! Duck season! Rabbit season!

A couple of years ago, as I was starting my sporting portfolio, I reached out to some friends who are hunters and thru my friend Ben Bishop, I was introduced to his brother and his friends and rabbit hunting. I thought that this would make a great photo story as it is not something you hear much about and the locations are just amazing. I met Lee Efird on the first hunt, he is the constant. He is there on every hunt. We shot some photos on a couple of outings that first year and I went back last year for some updated pictures. Then I took the workshop and started down my own rabbit hole of video. I knew right away that I wanted to get back out there and do a video story with Lee and his buddies. It almost didn’t happen this year due to a busy schedule, but I got out there during the last week of rabbit season. These guys are very skilled at what they do, the way they just always know where the other hunters are, the way they can listen to and judge the directions of the dogs and the rabbit, how they just seem to know where that rabbit is going to go. Well, mostly for the last one, it was always worth a chuckle when the dogs came back thru the line, meaning the rabbit had slipped by all 4-5 hunters! While this is a great sport to these guys, none of the rabbits get wasted, they eat them all! On the first hunt I did with them, I was offered a rabbit salad sandwich!

It has been great hanging out with these guys and I hope to get back there for the turkey season.


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