Recent published work

Some recent published work that came out this month. The first two are published in this months issue of Men’s Journal. The other two are portraits of an insurance executive for Insurance and Technology magazine.

The Men’s Journal photos were taken last year as part of an assignment and a kayak trip I took with my friend and excellent writer, Tris Korten, along the ‘Forgotten Coast’ of Florida. It was an excellent trip we paddled for 4 days and saw a ton of wildlife from eagle rays, bald eagles, dolphins and ospreys. It was a great gig, I had not seen Tris in a few years and we had a blast catching up and seeing a beautiful part of the country. Tris wrote a great story, talking about how I had just come off hiking on the AT and how we had not seen each other in a while. The story floated around for a while, editors changed and the story was dropped. It has been shopped around a little and will hopefully be published somewhere this winter. Men’s Journal finally decided to use part of it in a round up of things to do in the cold weather. The fishing photo was used almost full page on the table of contents, while the kayaking photo was used 1/4 page to accompany the small story. 

The other photos were for a story about Insurance and Technology’s top executives for the year. I shot one person with the direction of shooting them in a 40′s Hollywood glamour style. The pix were converted to B/W for the magazine I have not seen it in print yet, but it is online, here.

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  1. rudy hayden says:

    great looking photos. i’m envious of your new digitool. that’s awesome. let’s go fishing sometime!

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