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I  know I showed you a couple of photos in the year end review, but I wanted to get them all into one post. Last year myself, a great designer and an awesome retoucher worked on a new catalog for SLAPPA. They make bags and cases for dj’s, gamers, travelers and everyday folks. Their products are really excellent. Jeff had the idea of using large double truck lifestyle images to separate the product pages. I like that. Big images and we came up with some great ideas. There was quite a bit of production involved in these shots. we did 4 composite shots, which was a first for me. I really enjoyed the problem solving that goes into that. We had to figure out the backgrounds, the models, which order to shoot in, how to keep the lighting consistent, etc, etc. I handled most of the production myself, in order to help keep the production costs low for the client, and it was a huge time suck! Next time I will be hiring a producer! Hear are the images!


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