So much going on! Pix from Montana!

There is so much going on these days I can hardly get any sleep. We got engaged, closed on the house, moved into the new house, tried to unpack, started some re-modeling, prepped the old house for sale, shot some gigs, went to Montana, etc, etc, etc. I have some new work that I can show and some more coming! I managed to book 4 gigs while I was in Montana for 8 days. Guess I need to go away more often. This post will be about the Montana trip. I will be making posts with the new work, the house remodeling, etc as soon as I can. Right now it is working late every night on photos and up at 7 with the contractors and the trades. In fact, I’ve been so busy that my suitcase is still sitting in the front entry way!

So, we went to Montana. West Yellowstone to be exact. It was primarily a fishing trip but we took some time to see the sights and oh, what sights they are. If you’ve never been to Yellowstone National Park, I highly suggest you put it on the list. It is really all that and then some. Everything is just oversized, the sky, the mountains, the valley’s, the animals, the views, the speed limits, the fish, the prices! You can’t drive anywhere without seeing s jaw dropping view and a drive through the park is unparalleled. We stayed in Island Park Idaho, about 12 miles from the West entrance to the park. This put us with in 1 hours of so much blue ribbon fishing that it was impossible for us to get to it all. We hit mostly the big names, Madison, Gallatin, Taylor’s Creek, Slough Creek, Soda Butte, Henry’s Fork, etc. We hit these rivers in a few different spots, between the lakes, in the park, mm53, 3 – mile bridge, harriman, the gravel pits, box canyon, etc. The fishing was pretty tough as it is the first time you hit a new place, but we managed to catch quite a few fish, wild rainbows, cutthroats, browns, brookies, and even MT whitefish! Many times we had to remind ourselves to just stop and look around or we’d miss the awesome environment. The bug hatches were amazing, I mean we would just get covered in caddis, and not catch a rising fish! One of the highlights of our trip was a float trip we took down the Lower Madison River. Four of us went, Lesley, Jeff, Paul and I. We had 2 guides and 2 rafts. It was a crazy awesome trip. We floated 15 miles of river that day. The sun was hot and we all got sunburned. We all caught big fish with Lesley catching the biggest, a 21 inch rainbow. I had about a dozen over 16 inches. Our guides Mike Spence and Hank were awesome and I would recommend them to anyone fishing in Montana, just ask me for a number and I’ll pass it on. One of the best things was the dinner afterwards.We stopped at a local restaurant, the Land of Magic, that featured local MT steaks. Jeff had the 26 oz rib eye, lesley had the filet, Paul got a NY strip and I had a 22 oz porterhouse! They were so good, maybe the best steak I ever had.

Yellowstone was quite a trip. It is so beautiful but can be so awful at the same time. We would enter in the West Entrance and about 4 miles in there is a bald eagles nest. Well, every time we drove in there was a huge traffic jam as everyone wanted to stop and look at the nest, even though there are signs that say no stopping! The first time we went it was about a 45 minute back up! Part of the awesome is all the animals we saw, Eagles, Osprey’s, sand hill cranes, elk, moose, black bear, bison, coyote, fox, river otter, pikas and probably a couple of others I am forgetting. Part of the awful was when we tried to go catch Old Faithful. We turned into the parking lot and got immediately disgusted. We hit the gift store for a couple of fridge magnets and a pint glass and hit the road again, never saw the geyser. But that was ok, we saw plenty of other things, other geysers, the Lamar Valley ( all I can say is WOW! ) There is a funny story about when we saw a Bison near the road and pulled over so that I could get a shot. We pulled over on the opposite side and I got out to get a clear shot. I took a look and the Bison was gone! I called out ‘hey Jeff ( our friend who was driving that day ) where is the buffalo’ and he checks the mirror and looks around and says ‘I don’t know!’ Then I see it, it had been in the blind spot on the other side of the car and was now right in front of me! Well I turned and dove into the car as fast as I could! It gave everyone a good laugh.

So here are some pix! Enjoy!

the view from the cabin of Henry’s Lake.


Mr. Coyote.


the Lamar Valley


The open road and the big sky


Big buffalo


I think this is going on the wall in a large size!


Lesley laying out some line on the Henry’s Fork


Some geo thermal activity


This water was BOILING as it came out of the ground!


A double rainbow along Hwy. 287


Another candidate for the wall.


We watched this lightning storm for over an hour.


The stars were crazy every night.


3 dollar bridge and the Madison River.


my first cutthroat and a dumb look on my face


Jeff waiting for the hatch at Harriman Park.


Lesley and one of her big fish! Notice the ‘bling’!


another really nice rainbow


Lesley and our guide Mike Spence with her big fish


one of our pretty ‘bows underwater.


a panoramic view of Harriman Park. We heard 3 coyotes ‘talking to each other while we were there. awesome.


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  1. Mom Lubin says:

    Your BIGGEST fan says STUNNING PICS!! What a fisher-woman you have there Buddy! You can see the glee on her face holding that fish! The pics really would entice anyone to take that trip! I can’t get over the stars…

  2. Willis Loughhead says:

    Peter and Lesley,

    So we have another reason to toast at my wedding the week after your party!!!

    I want to congratulate you on such wonderful news.

    With Much Respect and Best Wishes for Your Future Together,


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