The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

Last night I ventured out to catch a band that I like, the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, BSOJC. They played at a bar called Pucketts Farm Equipment in Charlotte. Pucketts is exactly what a dive bar should be. Not too clean, 2 pool tables, a slightly raised band area, a bar that sold beer and beer only, 2 open doors for ventilation. The decor is strictly southern and even more so Charlotte race theme. I counted at least 10 race car tires, some stacked together with a wooden top to serve as a table, there were 4-6 race car hoods mounted on the wall, 2-3 complete sides of race cars, complete with dents and tire marks! Pucketts has live music a few nights a week, it is a great place. Oh, did I mention the $2 Miller Lites?
So BSOJC plays honkey tonk music, some rocking and upbeat songs mixed with some slower ballads. good stuff. There were some sound issues last night, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed and was. The show was good, the band played tightly. The only disappointment to the night was the lack of crowd. Less than 40 people came out to support the show. If it bothered the band, they didn’t let it show and played as if there were 150 there. I guess it has to do with it being a Thursday nite and that the Sweet 16 tournament was in town.
I took some pix. surprise. I made a very rookie mistake. I switched camera bags to carry a much smaller bag and forgot to bring extra batteries. of course 4 songs into the show the battery goes dead. I took it out and warmed it up and put it back in and was able to shoot until the last song when it went dead for good. what a lucky break. Never switch bags without using a checklist. The light was decent for such a small venue.
Here are a few pix of the show.







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