Yard Dogs Road Show

Way back in Oct I received my monthly email newsletter from the Neighborhood Theatre here in Charlotte. They are known for their quirky line ups. Many national and local acts, some of great esteem, others, not so much. I usually take a quick look at the newsletter looking for some of the obscure bands that I enjoy. On this newsletter something jumped out at me, the photos of this crazy looking band, The Yard Dogs Road Show ( see, the power of photography folks! ). After a quick google search and checking out their website, I knew I would be going to this show. It just looked like so much fun. They did not disappoint! My friend Jason, who is  a musician himself, came along. We walked into the theatre not really knowing what to expect. I had brought along my camera and they let me bring it in. The show was really fun and exciting, a mix of magic, costume changes, light show, music, story telling and burlesque! I would highly recommend going to see these guys if they ever show up in your town! I shot some photos and a little video. I wish I had an external mic as the sound is lacking in the video and I wish I had shot a few more of the acts, hard to balance the still and video! Be sure to watch the video in HD! Enjoy!

there is a video here, so if your reading this in a reader and the video doesn’t show up, please visit the blog to view!


He pulled that chicken out of his pants I think, not sure, it was MAGIC!


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  1. michelle says:

    crazy FUN! ooh. I’ll keep my eyes open for them out here!

  2. Pepe says:

    The photo of the guy with the bird on the arm. That is Chris Millette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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